Prices and shipping costs

The displayed prices are final offer prices including all applicable taxes. The amount that is shown at the time of the binding order applies. SIA TENNECS only accepts an offer after the item is shipped, if it is not shipped to the customer, no contract of sale will have taken place.

Shipping costs may vary and depend on several factors that may or may not apply such as but not exclusively the offered shipping methods, region of delivery, country of manufacture of the purchased product, shipping method and the size and weight of the goods you have ordered. You as the customer bear the regular costs of returning the goods if you return the goods by exercising your right of cancellation under the distance selling act, in accordance with the EU distance selling directive 97/7..


Accepted payment methods are shown during checkout and at the discretion of the seller. 

They may include:

  • - Credit card;
  • - Debit card;
  • - certain cryptocurrencies as shown during checkout, via our partner Coinbase;
  • - Payment in advance into our bank account;
  • - Klarna;
  • - Ideal;
  • - Sofort.

Late payment

If you are in default of payment, SIA TENNECS is entitled to demand default interest of 5 percentage points above the base interest rate per annum announced by the central bank of Latvia for the time of the order. If SIA TENNECS has demonstrably incurred a higher damage caused by delay, SIA TENNECS is entitled to assert this.

Right of retention

The customer is only authorized to exercise a right of retention insofar as his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.


(1) Delivery is made to the delivery address specified by the customer within the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), of course including the republic of Latvia, excluding overseas territories and islands such as but not limited to French Guyana or Borkum.

(2) If force majeure (includes, but is not limited to, fires, storms, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters, war and military action, terrorist attack, changes in legislation and government decisions or orders, including the declaration of a state of emergency or emergency situation, incl. Covid-19 restrictions, e.g., business restrictions, orders by institutions or credit institutions, or decisions to freeze, seize or otherwise circumvent financial resources, including when the manufacturer discontinues manufacturing, and other circumstances, which cannot be foreseen or prevented by reasonably foreseeable means of action) makes delivery or any other service permanently impossible, SIA TENNECS' obligation to perform is excluded.

(3) SIA TENNECS can also refuse fulfillment if this requires an effort that is grossly disproportionate to the customer's interest in fulfilling the purchase contract, taking into account the content of the purchase contract and the requirements of good faith.

(4) Bulky goods (packages with a volume of more than 1 cubic meter) are usually delivered by a forwarding agent. SIA TENNECS expressly states that this product is not carried indoors.

Inexpensive shipping method for returns

When returning the goods and accessories, please use the original packaging if possible, even if it is damaged through an opening for the functional test, but at the same time ensuring secure shipping.

Retention of property

The delivered goods remain the property of SIA TENNECS until all claims against the customer from the purchase contract have been settled in full. As long as this retention of property exists, the customer may neither resell nor dispose of the goods; in particular, the customer may not contractually grant any use of the goods to third parties.