Alpine Earplugs Set

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Alpine Earplugs Set

Perfect weather, and your favourite biking route is calling - time to go out and open the throttle as you speed through those exciting bends! But an exhilarating ride often means plenty of wind noise under your helmet, which can be quite deafening. Alpine Plug&Go earplugs are the perfect answer. They greatly reduce noise and are very comfortable as they cause minimum possible pressure on your ears. So you're more relaxed and can concentrate on what really matters, namely the riding part.

Plug&Go earplugs from Alpine are made of a soft, comfortable material with a hypoallergenic finish, and are designed to fit any ear. They're ideal for motorcycle riders, but also give important noise protection when you go to the race track or a rock concert, and in lots of other situations. They will even get you through band practice without your ears ringing.

The advantages of Plug&Go:

  • Can be used in any situation where noise is a problem
  • Conical shape makes for comfortable insertion in the ears
  • Ideal shape to fit any ear
  • Attenuation value (also SNR value) of 33 dB
  • Tested to EN 352-2: 2002
  • Includes hygienic travel box