Caramba Oil Stain Remover Contains 1 Litre

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Removing oil stains without trace
Oil stains can happen quicker than you might think. A wrong movement, a leak that has gone unnoticed, or simply not being careful enough when handling fuel oil or diesel. Before you know it, oil has dripped and you've got a clean-up job on your hands to remove oil stains from the paving or concrete. If it's your own driveway or garage floor, you'll want to get rid of unsightly oil stains as quickly as possible.

Removing oil stains with Caramba – No problem!
Caramba Oil Stain Remover does the job perfectly. The thick consistency of this product means you can treat sloping surfaces just as easily. The stain remover even works on textiles, such as carpets or clothing. With Caramba, you can get them looking as good as new again.

Instructions for using Caramba Oil Stain Remover
Before removing oil stains, you should first soak up any freshly spilt oil with a paper towel. Then shake the container well until you can apply Caramba with a gel-like consistency to the soiled area. Only use the product in dry weather and at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. The oil stain remover dries in a few hours and a light-coloured layer of powder forms, which you can brush off.

Removing oil stains - Finishing the job
Depending on the level of soiling, it may be necessary to remove any residues with a scrubbing brush and plenty of water. Repeat the process if necessary. Be sure to dispose of oily waste in accordance with the regulations, and do not allow oil to enter the sewerage system. Always follow the instructions on the container and in the safety data sheet.
With Caramba Oil Stain Remover you can get rid of stubborn oil stains from driveways, floors and textiles.