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TriOptic™ Lens Kit for DM LED Lights - Amber or Selective Yellow

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This TriOptic™ Lens Kit for DM lights is designed to maximize visibility in foggy and rainy conditions. Both Amber & Selective yellow lens colors increases visibility in fog and rain by blocking blue frequencies from the light, which reflect off water vapor and decrease vision.

Choose Amber to match your OEM turn signals, or Selective Yellow for even more daytime visibility to oncoming traffic. 

The kit includes two spot lenses and two flood lenses. Use two spots for maximum distance, two floods for maximum spread, or one of each to create a 50/50 True-Hybrid that combines the best of both worlds.

What’s In The Box?

  • (x2) DM Spot Lens 
  • (x2) DM Flood Lens

Legal Note: Please inform yourself about the legality of use on the public road in your jurisdiction, we do sell these lenses for off road use only!