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Switched Power Adapter - 194 Marker Bulb

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This adapter is designed to enable plug-n-play connection to switched power on any vehicle equipped with a 194 marker bulb. 194 marker bulbs are commonly found in headlight housings, functioning as a running light.


  • Provides switched 12v trigger to activate a relay
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Not cutting or tapping of factory harness necessary


  • Remove the socket from the headlight housing.
  • Unplug the bulb from the socket. 
  • Plug the circuit board into the socket from where you just removed the bulb. 
  • Place heat shrink over the socket and circuit board and apply heat. 
  • Plug the bulb into the new socket. 
  • Using the lead coming from the socket, activate an external relay.

External relay not included

Fitment Note: Only compatible with bikes that use a 194 marker bulb and have a "universal" bulb connector; will not fit bikes with a custom OEM 194 bulb connector.