Heating Grips With 2 Temperature Levels For 22 Mm Handlebar

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Heating grips with 2 temperature levelsfor 22 mm handlebar

Cold hands when riding a motorbike are really unnecessary. From MTP-Racing there are, after all, the well-rated, low-priced heated grips, universally suitable for all 22 mm handlebars. The 2-stage system also comes with its own throttle grip tube. It replaces the original throttle grip so that the heating cable cannot be twisted later.
The MTP-Racing heated grips come with matching plastic handlebar ends, but you can also continue to use the existing ones.

  • 3 levels (off, one and two) with toggle switch allow for specific control
  • Suitable for all 22mm handlebars
  • Handle lengths: 120 mm
  • Outer diameter: 35 mm
  • Material: plastic/rubber

Power consumption:

  • Stage 1 - approx. 25 W approx. 40 °C
  • Stage 2 - approx. 35 W approx. 60 °C

Power consumption:

  • Stage 1 - approx. 2A
  • Stage 2 - approx. 3A