Hiplok Cable Tie Combination Lock Z-lok Combo, Various Colours

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Hiplok Cable Tie Combination LockZ-LOK COMBO, various colours

Louis introduces: the cable tie de Luxe - the Hiplok *Z-Lok with steel core*. And indeed, this product looks like a cable tie with combination lock and that's exactly what it is. However, it is much more robust and durable, because under the paint-gentle plastic sheathing there is an 8 mm wide, reinforced steel strap. The lock is a three-digit combination lock. This means that the approx. 50 cm long tool is quickly at hand and ready for use.

The *Z-Lok* is tough enough to be cracked only with brute force or rough tools. It has a low security level, but it's just annoying to open one or more *Z-Loks* without a numeric code. So yours stays yours.

It has a wide range of applications: whether it's securing all kinds of luggage, helmets or clothing, immobilisers, padlocks and more.

reusable Z-Lok locking loop
Locking security by combination lock
8 mm wide, reinforced steel core
lacquer-conserving plastic coating
locking locking plates
length: approx. 50 cm
Locking can be released at the push of a button by code
low security level
3 different colours: yellow, black, turquoise

Material: Nylon with steel core

Weight: approx. 100 g