MITAS Tyre MC-35 S-RACER 2.0 120/80-12 55P TL SOFT

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Product Description:

Mitas MC-35 S-RACER 2.0 features a semi-slick tread pattern suitable for racing on dry surfaces. It ensures excellent grip at lean angles, outstanding braking and acceleration performance. The Medium, Soft and Super Soft versions are marked with a blue label on the sidewall. Even the standard version of Mitas MC-35 S-RACER 2.0 exhibits all the characteristics of a racing tire.

  •  Part No: 9004026
  • Former part number: FR: 9004026 ES: 48188


Tire Width 120
Aspect Ratio (Height) 80
Rim Diameter 12
Tire Load Index 55
Speed Index P < 150 km/h
Position Front/rear
Tire Pattern MC 35 S-RACER 2.0
Tyre Compound Soft
Tubeless Or Tubetype TL - Tubeless
Tire Structure X-Ply
Tire Family Motorcycle & Scooter Tires
Tire Category Scooter, Moped