Presto Silicone Remover Contains: 500 Ml

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presto silicone removerCONTAINS: 500 ML

Whatever work you do on your motorcycle, you always want to do it as thoroughly as possible. The same applies to painting and touching up. To ensure a perfect result, you first need to remove all traces of dirt, oil, grease, silicone, wax, tar, adhesives and such like. The presto Silicone Remover does exactly that job. With outstanding results!

This is the professional way to clean surfaces before you start painting. It prevents adhesion problems when the paint is applied. It also prevents blisters from forming and stops flaking and rust from spoiling your shiny paintwork.
presto Silicone Remover makes preparation for painting extremely simple. Ideal for touching up blemishes and painting individual parts, plus all jobs that require professional cleaning.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Mild, non-aggressive solvent
  • Makes the subsequent paintwork adhere more strongly

Contains: 500 ml