Quixx Headlight Restoration Set

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Quixx Headlight Restoration Set

It must be great to be a motorcycle headlight ...always right up in front with a perfect view of everything ahead. But there's a downside: permanent exposure of the plastic lens to sun, dirt and environmental pollutants. As time goes on, the plastic lens gradually yellows, clouds and slowly "goes blind". The brightness reduces and replacement becomes inevitable. This is an expensive business. Fortunately there's a way to avoid this: with the QUIXX system headlight restoration set!

The all-inclusive set consists of a special headlight reconditioning polish (50g) and sealant (30ml) which comes with a polishing cloth, foam block, sandpaper (2000, 3000 and 5000 grit) and a sanding block.

Features of the polish:

  • removes yellowing, matt patches and minor scratches
  • Restores clarity of plastic headlight lenses
  • Increases riding safety due to perfect brightness of headlight (see and be seen more effectively)
  • Ensures a glossy look and maintains the value of your motorcycle
  • Application avoids expensive repairs or headlight replacement

Features of sealant:

  • forms a lasting protective layer
  • increases resistance to scratches and yellowing