Reflective helmet stickers multiple colours

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Reflective helmet stickers, in multiple available colors. Mostly in tetrahedron shape but also in the ace of spades shape.

Stand out from the crowd, be more conspicuous, and be safer. 

Choose from a great variety of reflection colours and shapes, matching your helmet´s design: Pink/Black, Red/Black, Red, White, Black (reflective white), Orange, Pink and white Ace of Spade.

French legislation states that a motorcycle helmet must have front, rear and side reflective stickers. Hefty fines could be given out by French police if your helmet does not have them. The stickers themselves need to meet certain criteria of size and color. We believe that our white and black (reflective white) tetrahedron stickers meet that criteria, but we can not guarantee it because they have not been tested or certified per French law.

You can compare our stickers on the pictures with French stickers certified per French law, which came with a French Shark helmet. The Tetrahedron shaped stickers are ours, the other reflective ones are French. 

You can clearly see that the sizes are similar, with the red/black chevron stickers I made it possible to see better when I am checking my blind spots :-)