S100 Org.motorbikecleaner Contains: 750 Ml

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Against dirt on the motorbike. Regular and thorough cleaning of motorbikes is very important for
is very important for maintaining value, but requires a lot of time and effort. Cold cleaners or cleaners containing
cleaners pose major problems for materials, health and the environment.

For the love of nature:

  • Made from > 97% natural & renewable raw materials.
  • Free of fragrances and dyes
  • Bottle made from 100% recycled material
  • Acid-free and guaranteed material-compatible

Green Power - the new organic cleaning power:

  • Usual best S100 performance: effortless and residue-free dirt removal - even insect remains as well as grease and oil stains are easily removed
  • Highest yield and cleaning effect due to the gel formula
  • Active grease-dissolving formula cleans automatically and residue-free
  • pH-neutral
  • Also excellently suitable for sensitive surfaces such as carbon and matt lacquer

The entire motorbike as well as all motorised two-wheelers, including matt paintwork.

Spray the entire motorbike and leave to soak for 10-20 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling. (Temperatures
< 15 °C up to 30 min.). If necessary, support cleaning with a sponge. Then clean the
spray the motorbike thoroughly with a strong jet of water and dry.