S100 Premium Microfibre Cloth 40 Cm X 40 Cm

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S100 Premium Microfibre Cloth40 cm x 40 cm

When it comes to giving your favourite motorcycle a thorough clean and polish, you shouldn't use just any old piece of rag. It's a job for the S100 Microfibre Cloth! This cloth caresses your bike's paintwork and chrome, and feels good in your hand.

The S100 Cloth is also extremely absorbent for both water and polish, so it's perfect for the final wipe-down after cleaning. Any wax residue is soaked up leaving your paintwork and chrome gleaming and free of streaks and smears.

The S100 is double-sided, which makes it even more efficient to use. In next to no time your pride and joy will be spotless and shining again!


  • Extremely absorbent for polish and wax residues
  • Extremely high water absorbency, so ideal for the final wipe-down
  • Seamlessly manufactured by ultrasonic cutting to prevent scratching; lint-free

Material: fleecy soft microfibre, double-sided

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

Colour: grey