S100 Scratch Remover 50 Ml

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S100 scratch remover50 ml

Cuts and scratches are annoying. They always occur in clearly visible areas such as the tank or other add-on parts and immediately catch the eye. The S100 Scratch Polish puts an end to this problem. With good results: A high-lustre finish, an attractive surface and enhanced colour depth - what more could a biker wish for?!

The secret: Synthetically manufactured, very homogeneous polishing particles, which become smaller and smaller as polishing proceeds. The lustre is thus restored in a single application.

Motorcycle paintwork, such as fairing, tank, side covers, hard transparent plastic, e.g. headlights, turn signals, windshield. Also suitable for nano coatings and more scratch-resistant paintwork.

Contains: 50 ml, polishing cloth (blue) and cleaning cloth (white).