Saito Heat. Grips Cr-10 For Metric Handlebars

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Saito heated grips CR-10

Offering more than just "nice warm hands all year round" - the heated grips from saito are now available in the optimised CR-10 version.

  • Suitable for motorbikes with 12 V electrical system and a battery capacity of at least 6 Ah.
  • Grip length: approx. 138 mm
  • Material: aluminium/rubber
  • Switch dimensions (WxHxD): 5.6 x 2.0 x 5.4 cm.
  • Outside diameter: approx. 37 mm
  • Grip circumference: approx. 117 mm
  • Power consumption: Level 1: 7.5 W/Level 2: 15.5 W/Level 3: 23.5 W/Level 4: 32 W
  • Includes fittings and installation instructions (Heated grip adhesive Order no. 10004330 must be ordered separately - see below under "Compatible products")

The new series has been given a fresh new design, and a slightly smaller diameter makes it more comfortable for smaller hands to grip. The heating capacity has been increased again. The heat is radiated evenly in all directions from the very durable heating membrane located inside the grip. The splash-proof four-stage switch features modern membrane buttons which have been made even more glove-friendly.

The display LEDs for the four heating stages now have adjustable brightness (3 stage adjustment: see the downloadable installation instructions).

The switch can be mounted in the cockpit or fairing using an adhesive strip or attached to the handlebar with a clamp.

The end caps are easy to unscrew and remove for fitting handlebar ends or bar-end indicators or mirrors.

If you wish to connect the heated grips to the electrical system (and not directly to the battery), we recommend using our relay (Order no. 10032035 see below under "Compatible products")