We are open for business!

We are open for business!

Our hand-picked range of superb Denali motorcycle headlights, DRLs and turn signals will illuminate your riding experience with power and style, both day and night. 

Why brighter motorcycle lights will improve your rides 

Motorbike Love is the place you’ll find the best performing lights for your motorbike that add safety and functionality to your rides, all the meanwhile complementing the aesthetics of your machine with a sophisticated design that not only looks superb, but are also built to endure the punishment motorbike adventure entails. 

The days of strapping cumbersome rally spotlights to your motorbike’s frame in order to survive the gloomy winters are long behind us, thanks to the bright minds at Denali. We’re proud to announce this partnership together, and the opening of our new store that’s populated with an exciting and versatile range of rugged lighting solutions and accessories at the best possible value we can offer, all with the hopes of making your motorbike rides safer and more pleasurable. 

What are auxiliary lights used for? 

Auxiliary lights are commonly used on 4x4’s and motorbikes to provide additional light in dark or difficult-to-see conditions. They are fitted using a mounting kit consisting of plates or brackets, and allow the owner to place the lights in a range of locations. Fitting additional lights to the widest points of either side of the bike can present the impression of a wider vehicle, becoming more visible to drivers of cars, vans and trucks. The extra safety you add to your motorbike when you upgrade its lighting makes it a wise upgrade to make, especially for novices and those that tend to ride more frequently in rural, poorly-lit places. 

Build quality you can trust 

Here at Motorbike Love, we value the trust of our customers first and foremost, and we wouldn’t supply products that don’t meet the requirements of quality that we look so hard to find, in order to match the build-quality reminiscent elsewhere on our bike. That means it’s up to us to source and provide only the finest motorbike parts and accessories from reputable brands with an exceptionally high-standard to maintain. 

Just like you, we love and respect our motorbikes to the point that we’ll only chose the parts for it that we feel we can wholeheartedly trust and depend on in any situation, and when it comes to a part of the bike that’s so important to your safety, and the safety of pedestrians and other road users as lighting is, it’s a wise decision to invest in a set of lights that will continue to impress you with their performance for years to come. 

Budget vs Quality 

Nowadays, it’s common to encounter motorbikes on the road sporting modern auxiliary lights - they’ve become affordable enough for most riders to get their hands on a pair and wire them up to their bike; the main problem is the large majority of these budget spotlights share the same bad design characteristics that can make them quite not only unreliable, but also dangerous. 

Here are some dangers of using budget unbranded auxiliary lights: 

  • • Inadequate, or lack of cooling for LEDs which can cause to overheating and fire risk. 
  • • Poorly manufactured seals eventually warp or corrode, allowing water to enter the housing, corroding the internal components. 
  • • A lack research into the design of the light enclosure means any real focus or direction is absent, giving light that is ineffective. 
  • • Many budget auxiliary lights still incorporate outdated halogen technology, or feature weak, poorly constructed LEDs with poor range and practicality. 
  • • The quality of materials used to manufacture the housing, bezel and mounting parts is often cheap and prone to crack, snap or become brittle upon impact.  
  • • A lack of safety certification could mean depending on where you ride, fitting such lights for a vehicle safety inspection/certificate could result in a failure. 
  • • The potential for dangers associated with the electrical components operating at incorrect voltages could result in the light overheating, failing and catching fire. 


Further your adventures 

Many of us riding motorbikes have been bitten by the travel bug at some point, or are about to, and as such we feel the constant need to embark on journeys into uncharted territory, even if that’s not too far from home, daring to test the limits of our own riding capability - as well as the limits of the motorbike we are riding. 

The further we wander with our bikes it seems, the longer the checklist becomes of parts and modifications that we feel would make our journeys more comfortable. While fancy handlebars or a comfort seat might be useful to some, we could all benefit from an excellent pair of lights on our motorbike. 

Bright lights with an effective beam pattern can increase your visibility at night in many ways, from allowing you to see further, to having the ability to focus your additional lights, for example, some riders adjust the angle of their driving lights in a way that illuminates the ground, which can be extremely useful at night if you wish to see potential hazards that could lie in wait. 

Be prepared for any situation 

Our new range of motorbike lights and accessories add versatility to your ride by giving you the tools to take your trips much further. Through water, mud, sand or snow, the lights we’ve chosen for you represent the very best in LED auxiliary driving light technology, increase your visibility, and your visibility to others, it’s all about making it home safely, after all. 

From Headlights, to Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and LED turn signals in an array of styles and configurations, the range of Denali lighting products we have available in our 

store can cater for any setup you can dream. Whether you’re on the hunt for some suave indicators to update the look of your motorbike, or you’re going the whole nine yards with the ultimate adventure bike build, there’s likely something we’ve got that could be the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been looking for. 

We’re waiting for you 

We’ve worked around-the-clock to get our store up and running, taking care of every detail to have the confidence and peace of mind it was the best we could have done, but now it’s your turn. Explore the store we’ve put together for you.