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Rally Phone Mount Kit with Wireless Charging Plug-&-Play Harness - BMW R 1250 GS

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This vehicle-specific kit gives you everything you need to mount, and wirelessly charge, your phone in the ideal location on your BMW R 1250 GS! The rally style mount positions your phone above the dash so you can clearly see your GPS without taking your eyes off the road. This product bundle features the RAM® Quick-Grip™ Phone Cradle which is powered by a proprietary plug-&-play DENALI® charging harness that is designed to plug into the DENALI® CANsmart™ controller or be connected directly to your battery.  We've also spec'd out the appropriate RAM® mounting arm and mounting base so you can buy and install the ideal setup without all the guesswork.  

Please select one of the product options. You can either buy this exact setup or pick a different mounting arm or mounting base if you plan to mount your phone in a different location on your R 1250 GS. 

Click here to review all of the features and specs of our Wireless Charging Phone Cradle with CANsmart Connection. (part number DNL.WHS.20000).

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