Arctic Cat 1000 WILDCAT 4X4 EPI Sport Utility clutch upgrade kit

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The Sport Utility upgrade kit is the solution for optimising , preserving and providing a lasting replacement for some of the consumable components of your clutch.

The kit provides:

  • Improved acceleration from low RPM and through the midrange
  • Faster gear shifts
  • Reduced residual power loss
  • Reduced drive belt friction (slip) and therefore reduces clutch heating
  • Extended clutch service life

This kit is recommended in particular for:

  • Machines fitted with large diameter wheels or widening kits
  • A high-performance exhaust
  • Increase the power output and responsiveness of the machine
  • Pulling or pushing manoeuvres: pull behind spreader, snow clearing blade, etc.
  • Use in challenging conditions: mud, sand, etc.