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D7 PRO LED Light Kit with DataDim™ Technology

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A dazzling metamorphosis from the already formidable D7: Picture the most powerful driving light ever built, then add a flood beam, spot beam, and hybrid beam, a multi-color DRL mode, two fully dimmable circuits, and the option to change the beam shape and beam color on the fly. That's the D7 PRO, and it looks even better than it sounds. 

The D7 PRO features a split dual-circuit design that allows fully independent on/off and dim of a center flood beam and outer spot beam. Use our revolutionary DialDim Switch or CANsmart Controller to effortlessly control all lighting functions from a single halo dimmer switch or the vehicle OEM handlebar controls. 

Add to that, our patent pending X-Lens system which allows you to change the center flood or DRL beam color to white, amber, or selective yellow on-the-fly giving riders more flexibility and functionality than ever before.  

Last but not least, the D7 PRO has a "DRL Boost Mode" which allows you to run the center optics as a dim DRL or dial it up to 100% up to create a high-power flood beam. The innovative center optics can also flash in sync with your turn signals when paired with the amber X-Lenses. 

D7 PRO Pod Features

  • HiDrive LEDS 11,900 Lumens Per Pod - Seven 14-Watt LEDs combined with our proprietary TIR optics make this the brightest light under 4.5” ever released
  • Dual-Beam Technology - Independent control (and dimming) of center flood beam, outer spot beam, or all-on hybrid beam
  • Modular Snap-On X-Lens - Enables customizable beam shape and color on-the-fly. Interchange able center flood beam color in white, amber, or selective yellow
  • DRL Boost Mode - Drive the center LEDs as a low intensity DRL, or dial up the power to generate a massive high-intensity flood beam
  • Integrated Turn Signal Mode - Run the center flood optics as an amber DRL or flood light that will flash in sync with the vehicle turn signals
  • CANsmart & DialDim Compatible - Control both circuits on a single DialDim switch or unlock over 20 features & settings using the CANsmart accessory manager


D7 PRO Specs (Single Pod) 

  • LED's: (7x) 14 Watt Cree XML3 
  • Power Draw:  98 Watts / 8 Amps 
  • Raw Lumens: 11,900
  • Spot Beam Distance: 1250 Feet (380 Meters)
  • Flood Beam Width: 250 Feet (75 Meters)
  • DataDim™ Compatible: Yes 
  • Operating Voltage: 9-32 VDC 
  • Pod Size: 4.4" Round x 2.9" Deep 
  • Pod Weight: 1.8 lbs
  • IP68 & 69K Waterproof, Submersible, & High-pressure Spray
  • E Mark Approved Spot Lens (ECE R112 Driving Beam)

D7 PRO Product Bundles - What’s Included?

D7 PRO Light Pod (DNL.D7P.050) includes:

  • (1x) D7 PRO Light Pod (w/ mounting hardware)
  • (3x) X-Lenses (Clear, Amber, & Selective Yellow) 
  • (1x) 2-into-1 Single-Circuit Wiring Adapter 


The D7 PRO Pair Includes:  

  • (2x) D7 PRO Pods (DNL.D7P.050)


D7 PRO DialDim Bundle 

  • (2x) D7 PRO Pods (DNL.D7P.050)
  • (1x) Universal DialDim Lighting Controller (DNL.WHS.20500) 


D7 PRO CANsmart Bundle

  • (2x) D7 PRO Pods (DNL.D7P.050)
  • (1x) CANsmart Controller (vehicle-specific selection) 


*Product bundles are available for retail sale only and include individually packaged items.  

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