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DENALI 2.0 Plug-n-Play CANsmart Controller for BMW R1200 Hex Head Series

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Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your BMW motorcycle's CANbus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller.

The DENALI CANsmart™ Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from your BMW's existing handlebar switches, or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software.

The CANsmart's four circuits are preprogrammed to connect and independently control two sets of DENALI 2.0 lights, a SoundBomb horn, and our B6 auxiliary brake light. However, our clever "Simple Circuit Over-Ride" feature will let you run any accessory of your choice on any of the four circuits.


  • Consolidates all accessories into one intelligent controller and wiring harness
  • True Plug & Play installation and communication with vehicles CANbus electrical system 
  • Provides 4 dedicated circuits pre-programmed to control two sets of auxiliary lights, an auxiliary horn, & an auxiliary brake light
  • Simple Circuit Override mode to enable connection and operation of any 12v accessories on any of the 4 circuits
  • Each circuit is electronically fused and preconfigured to use right out of the box
  • Features dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled with the original vehicle switches or CANsmart Accessory Manager Software
  • Two light circuits allow independent adjustment of high & low beam brightness from the original vehicle controls
  • Compatible dimming functionality with DENALI (3-wire) and third party (2-wire) LED lighting products
  • Flash to pass & strobe when horn active features will strobe your auxiliary lights when you pulse the high beam or sound your horn
  • Cancel aux lights when turn signal active feature will prevent aux lights from overpowering signals
  • Intelligent brake light circuit provides run/brake, multiple flash pattern braking, and deceleration activated “smart brake” functionality
  • Enables plug-n-play installation of an auxiliary horn like the DENALI SoundBomb™ without having to add a relay or dedicated horn wiring harness

What’s In The Box?

  • CANsmart™ Controller
  • (x2) 5.5ft Light Extension Cables
  • 5ft SoundBomb Horn Extension Cable
  • B6 Brake Light Wiring Adapter
  • Zip-ties
  • Adhesive Hook-and-Loop Fastener
  • Micro USB Programming Cable


Click HERE to download Windows or Mac CANsmart Accessory Manager Software

Vehicle Fitment

  • BMW R1200GS 2004-2012
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure 2006-2013
  • BMW R1200R 2006-2014
  • BMW R1200RT 2005-2013

Instruction Manual