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DataDim™ Dual Intensity Controller for Driving Light Harness

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This DENALI DataDim™ Dual-Intensity Controller enables the DENALI Driving Lights to switch between half and full intensity with your vehicle’s original high beam switch. Simply plug this controller into the end of the harness included with our light kits to enable dual intensity functionality. 

All DENALI 2.0 Light pods are equipped with a dedicated 3rd-wire dimming circuit so we can use an external signal to reliably control the intensity of the LED chip at the source

What’s In The Box?

  • (x1) DataDim™ Dual-Intensity Controller 
  • (x1) Dual-Intensity Trigger Wire

Fitment Note: Vehicles equipped with LED headlights may utilize a ground switched circuit, which will not trigger the DataDim's function with the factory high beam controls. Vehicles with ground switched headlights will require the DENALI 2.0 DrySeal™ Hi-Low-Off Waterproof Switch in addition to the DataDim™ to toggle between high beam and low beam. 

Instruction Manual