Fitclic Neo Vibration Damper

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FitClic Neo vibration damper

Mobile phones or smartphones are sensitive, high-tech devices and are not suitable for navigation when permanently mounted on your motorbike. Why? The very fine "innards" of such a device do not like high-frequency vibrations such as those transmitted by the motorbike engine. From the image stabilisation system to the sophisticated cameras and other sensitive components, there are many things that can be broken by engine vibrations. The solution: a FitClic Neo vibration absorber. A vibration absorber module that can protect your mobile phone. At the heart of the FitClic Neo vibration damper is an elastomeric air suspension that helps absorb vibrations. Tests have shown that this damper can reduce high-frequency vibrations by up to 60%.

The FitClic Neo vibration damper is quick and easy to install on your bike. Simply screw the part into the FitClic Neo mount. That's it. Compatible with the entire range of FitClic Neo shells but also with the various FitClic Neo motorbike mounts.

Good advice, invest in a FitClic Neo vibration damper even if you don't own a 4-stroke single-cylinder motorbike or any other bike that generates excessive vibrations.

  • Air suspension absorbs vibrations in all directions, the phone remains stable in the mount, the touchscreen is usable and the viewing angle can be adjusted on the go
  • Works with all FitClic Neo MOTO mounts: Handlebar mount, trigger guard mount, scooter mirror mount
  • easy installation with the included tool
  • weight: 27 g