HEIDENAU Tyre K29 REINF Side-car 3.50-16 M/C 60P TT

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Product Description:


A flat profile guaranties maximum traction and longevity. Combined with a sturdy carcass to support the weight of a rig, you have a tire able to stand-up to the weight of the rig, side forces, and track true.


  • Part No: 9006361
  • Former part number: FR: 9006361


Tire Width 3.50
Rim Diameter 16
Tire Load Index 60
Speed Index P < 150 km/h
Position Front/rear
Tire Pattern K29
Tubeless Or Tubetype TT - Tubetype
Tire Structure X-Ply
Tire Family Motorcycle & Scooter Tires
Tire Category Classic / Urban (bias & cross ply)