Sp Connect Ring Smartphone Mount Rotatable Smartphone Mount, In Black

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SP Connect Ring Smartphone Mountrotatable smartphone mount, in black

SP Connect has developed the *RING MOUNT* to securely hang or place your smartphone somewhere. And it's a really practical thing. You can attach the *RING MOUNT* to any SP Connect *PHONE CASE* or *UNIVERSAL INTERFACE*, all you have to do is attach the SP Connect mount to your smartphone case. Then insert the MicroRails into the SP Connect mechanism and turn the smartphone 90°. That's it. The holder is then firmly connected so that you can hold your phone securely on the ring and watch videos.

You can also use the ring as a stand or hang it on a hook, e.g. on the front seat of a plane. To remove the holder from the phone, simply turn it back 90° and take it off. When folded, the *RING MOUNT* is flat and compact, so you can easily stow the small holder in your pocket.

  • quick and easy installation
  • light and robust
  • flat and compact