Iphone Smartphone Quad Lock Case Quad Lock Case

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iPhone Smartphone Quad Lock CaseQUAD LOCK CASE

Today, good navigation is almost a matter of course on every tour. But you don't necessarily need a navigation device. An iPhone or Android device with the appropriate app will also take you to your destination.

Quad Lock has a beautiful, unobtrusive case for iPhone owners that protects your device when you want to use it as a navigation device on your motorbike. In combination with a corresponding Quad Lock holder (please order separately), nothing stands in the way. Once inserted into the Quad Lock Case, you can also be sure that your iPhone is well protected during your other daily activities.

The slim profile and soft-touch material of the case make it perfect for permanent use. Even dropping and hitting the hard ground won't harm the case or your phone.

  • Durable polycarbonate core
  • shock-absorbing TPU outer shell
  • microfibre lining (except for iPhone 5/5s/SE cases)
  • compatible with wireless charging
  • with a patented two-stage closure
  • quick and easy installation