MITAS Tyre C-02 STONEKING 120/90-18 71N TT

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Product Description:

Tread pattern for the rear wheels for motocross and sidecar cross motorcycles. Offering very good riding properties on harder terrain. Available also in 17-inch tyre size.

Tyre markings for motocross and enduro tyres

Red stripe - marking tyres for motocross competition

White stripe - tyre for winter use, spiking, motoskyöring and ice motocross

Yellow stripe - tyres with softer compound suitable for enduro FIM and cross country competition

Green stripe - tyre with softer carcass and soft tread suitable for hard enduro competition

Double green stripe - tyre with softer carcass and extra soft tread compound suitable for extreme hard endure competition

Tyres without stripe - normal motocross tyres suitable for training and hobby riding


  • Part No: 9003132
  • Former part number: 48468


Ground Medium-Soft
Tire Width 120
Aspect Ratio (Height) 90
Rim Diameter 18
Tire Load Index 71
Speed Index N < 140 km/h
Position Rear
Tire Pattern C-02
Tubeless Or Tubetype TT - Tubetype
Tire Structure X-Ply
Tire Family Motorcycle & Scooter Tires
Tire Category MX, SX


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