MITAS Tyre E-07+ ENDURO TRAIL 110/80 B 19 59T TL M+S

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Product Description:

Improved version of a highly popular E-07. E-07+ was developed especially for big trail motorcycles with a goal that tyres and a motorcycle work together properly. Due to a slightly modified tread pattern, the tyre delivers an improved off- and on-road riding performance. A bigger knobby design provides a plenty of open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the contact patch while keeping enough rubber in contact with the road as the tyres rotate. A modified tread pattern gives this 50/50 tyre durability and great adhesion on all types of terrain as well as on wet surface.


  • Bihr Part No: 9002077
  • Bihr former part number: 90000280


Tire Width 110
Aspect Ratio (Height) 80
Rim Diameter 19
Tire Load Index 59
Speed Index T < 190 km/h
Position Front
Tire Pattern E-07 PLUS
Tubeless Or Tubetype TL - Tubeless
Tire Structure X-Ply Belted
Tire Family Motorcycle & Scooter Tires
Tire Category Trail on-off
Markings Mud and Snow