MITAS Tyre E-09 ENDURO 150/70-17 69R TL M+S

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Product Description:

Tread pattern for mainly off-road trips. Excellent traction off-road and good stability on dry and wet roads. Available in Dakar version. Special version with additional textile breaker. Strong construction is suitable for long adventure trips. A tyre will last longer and is much more puncture resistant. 


  • Part No: 9002043
  • Former part number: FR: 90000313 ES: 48371


Tire Width 150
Aspect Ratio (Height) 70
Rim Diameter 17
Tire Load Index 69
Speed Index R < 170 km/h
Position Rear
Tire Pattern E-09
Tubeless Or Tubetype TL - Tubeless
Tire Structure X-Ply
Tire Family Motorcycle & Scooter Tires
Tire Category Trail on-off
Markings Mud and Snow