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Product Description:

The EF-07 Super Light (green stripe) is made from a slightly softer tread compound than the Super version (yellow stripe). It ensures excellent handling in wet forest and meadow soils. It is designed for the toughest competitions and conforms to the current FIM regulations in terms of design and tread depth.

Outstanding grip on a wide range of terrains, for the toughest competitions

  • Open tread design ejects mud and lose ground that a trials tyre will not.
  • Very good grip properties and slightly faster than the yellow stripe version.
  • A spaced knob design works well in mud or sand. Tread knobs distribution and geometry are designed to offer outstanding grip and traction in both dry and wet conditions, from soft and loose terrain to hard ground.
  • Meant to take the off-road terrain where conditions can be extremely tough to get traction.
  • The lightweight, flexible carcass with a reinforced shoulder guarantees a large contact surface and good shock-absorption. It resists tearing and cutting and is suited for tough to extreme off-road conditions; the carcass is more pliable than with the yellow stripe version.

Tyre markings for motocross and enduro tyres

Red stripe - marking tyres for motocross competition

White stripe - tyre for winter use, spiking, motoskyöring and ice motocross

Yellow stripe - tyres with softer compound suitable for enduro FIM and cross country competition

Green stripe - tyre with softer carcass and soft tread suitable for hard enduro competition

Double green stripe - tyre with softer carcass and extra soft tread compound suitable for extreme hard endure competition

Tyres without stripe - normal motocross tyres suitable for training and hobby riding


  • Part No: 9003117
  • Former part number: 48435


Ground Mix

Aspect Ratio (Height) 80
Rim Diameter 18
Tire Load Index 70
Speed Index R < 170 km/h
Position Rear
Homologation FIM-homologated
Tire Pattern EF-07
Tyre Compound Soft
Tubeless Or Tubetype TT - Tubetype
Tire Structure X-Ply
Tire Family Motorcycle & Scooter Tires
Tire Category Enduro, rally-raid


Documents and Homologation: