Motul P1 Carbu Clean Carburettor Cleaner, 400 Ml

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Motul P1 Carbu CleanCarburettor cleaner, 400 ml

Carburettor cleaning made easy! Sounds a ridiculous claim, doesn't it? Whatever way you look at it though, if you use Motul *P1 Carbu Clean* carburettor cleaner, for example, you quickly and effectively remove oil, grease and rubber, resin and paint residues. *P1 Carbu Clean* is a highly effective, chlorine-free carburettor cleaner which has been specially developed to remove deposits and clogging from throttle valves, rotary valves, carburettor nozzles, float assemblies, Venturi tubes, etc.

  • Stabilises the idling operation and improves

engine response

  • Makes it easier to synchronise the carburettor and adjust the

fuel system

  • Quickly and effectively removes oil and grease as well as rubber, resin and

paint residues

  • Contains: 400 ml