Petec Universal Cleaning Wipes Wipes Box, 120 Pcs.

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PETEC Universal Cleaning WipesWipes Box, 120 pcs.

Phew, that certainly was another full-on DIY job! You can see that from the tank, the side panels of your motorcycle, the tool, toolbox and so on. Oil marks all over the place and all kinds of muck. Now it's time for a "big clean up". And as luck would have it Louis has the perfect product - Petec *Universal* cleaning wipes. Practical, high-quality and universally usable cloths for fast cleaning of all kinds of tools and surfaces.

The *Universal* cleaning wipes help remove oil, paint, grease, dirt and many non-hardening sealing compounds and adhesives.

Very simple to use: Shake the box before use. Open lid and pierce protective foil. Pull the first wipe directly out of the centre through the slit in the cover and you are ready to start cleaning. Always close the cover immediately after use. Observe safety data sheet!

  • Contains: 120 wipes

Caution. Causes serious eye irritation. May produce an allergic reaction.