Quad Lock Ball Head Adapter 1 Inch

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Quad Lock ball head adapter 1 inch

You want to use your existing motorcycle RAM mount with a Quad Lock smartphone mount to use your smartphone as a navigator, for example? With the help of the Quad Lock 1-inch ball head adapter mount, this is no big deal. The ball head fits exactly into the clamp. Just tighten it, set the right viewing angle - done. You're ready to mount your Quad Lock cell phone cradle or any other device to your motorcycle with the Quad Lock universal adapter.

  • compatible with all Quad Lock cell phone cases and the universal adapter
  • strong, patented two-stage locking system
  • plastic parts made of glass fiber reinforced nylon
  • stainless steel hardware
  • no tools required for mounting
  • the ball head adapter attaches to your existing RAM base arm at an angle that works for you
  • twist and lock to attach your smartphone. To remove, operate the lever and rotate. - Reduce the size of your current mount so your smartphone sits unobtrusively on your bike in portrait or landscape mode