Quad Lock Motorcycle Vibration Damper

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Quad Lock Motorcycle Vibration Damper

Mobile phone navigation is a great thing and often cheaper than buying a navigation device. But you should remember that such an expensive communication device is hardly built to be jolted on the handlebars of your motorbike. So it's no wonder that the vibration level of some motorbikes can affect the image stabilisation of new smartphones. The Quad Lock motorbike vibration damper ensures that you can securely attach your smartphone to any motorbike - with the various Quad Lock components. The Quad Lock Vibration Damper is compatible with all Quad Lock motorbike mounts and Quad Lock motorbike accessories and reduces over 90% of the high frequency vibrations generated by motorbikes.

To ensure absolute safety, the use of the vibration damper on any motorbike is recommended.

  • Dual suspension system with precision-engineered silicone bushings
  • Protection from high frequency vibrations
  • Installed in minutes
  • made of glass fibre reinforced nylon (upper and lower housing)
  • Dimensions: height 23 / width 60.3 mm

Good to know:

  • the silicone grommets used absorb vibrations and are specifically designed to dampen higher frequencies (vibration danger zone), so you may notice more movement in the lower frequencies
  • Working with vibration specialists from the automotive and defence industries, the vibration damper has been subjected to extreme performance testing
  • Extensively tested in real-world scenarios thanks to the dedicated Quad Lock community