Quad Lock Universal Adapter V3

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Quad Lock Universal Adapter V3

To attach your smartphone to the handlebars of your motorcycle Quad Lock offers perfect solutions. This includes, for example, the Quad Lock Universal Adapter V3. This connection part is glued directly to smartphones or their cases, to iPads / tablets or other flat, smooth metal or plastic surfaces and you can connect the respective object with all Quad Lock mounts. The incredible adhesive strength of the 3M VHB adhesive ensures that reliably nothing "says goodbye" during the ride.

  • robust adapter for Quad Lock mounts
  • compatible with all Quad Lock mounts
  • only 4.5 mm thick, fits seamlessly on the back of smartphones and cases.
  • slim profile (only 4.5 mm thick) - only 56 mm wide and 66 mm high
  • 3M VHB adhesive, sticks to flat and slightly curved surfaces
  • Durable and robust composite construction

Good to know:

  • patented dual-stage lock lets you attach/detach your device quickly and easily, secure locking mechanism