Quick-lock Lock Set With Combination Lock

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Hepco+Becker Anti-Theft Devicefor lock-it tank and tail bags

Once its gone, unfortunately it's normally gone for good! Hepco & Becker have therefore developed the H&B anti-theft device because they know how frustrating and annoying it can be if some low-life makes off with the valuables in your tank bag or steals the saddlebag with "lock-it" function. It allows you to secure the zip and also puts a stop to any attempt to steal your luggage. This anti-theft protection kit gives would-be thieves no chance.

It consists of a combination lock with carabiner and a lock that prevents the lock-it fastener from being pulled open. Please mount the kit according to the instructions which can be found under "Documents to download".

A hole must be drilled in the base of the tank bag and saddlebag for this purpose.

In the box:

  • 3-digit combination lock
  • Connecting link plate
  • Lock pin dia. 8 x 30 mm
  • With key ring