S100 Rapid Motorcycle Cleaner Edition

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S100 Rapid Motorcycle CleanerLouis Edition

How to make your motorbike gleam without using water - S100 Rapid Motorcycle Cleaner. When you're short of time, the nearest wash station is too far away and you just want to give your motorbike a quick spruce-up, that's when S100 provides the professional answer. With this product, you can clean and polish your trusty steed in one go.
S100 Rapid Motorcycle Cleaner does everything, from dissolving dried-on insect residues through to restoring colour and protecting surfaces against wind and weather. Suitable for all motorcycle surfaces, and even matt paint finishes and films.

Contains: 750 ml

For optimum scratch-free results, we recommend using: S100 THE CLOTH (Order no. 10038016)