Saito Gel Cleaner 5 Litre Canister

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SAITO GEL CLEANER5 litre canister

Let's get your motorbike thoroughly cleaned. And here comes the right remedy from saito: saito gel cleaner. Quick and easy to use. With an active grease-dissolving formula and great results. 5 l should be enough for now.


  • Power gel for thorough cleaning
  • Active grease dissolving formula
  • Also suitable for carbon
  • Excellent also for matt paintwork
  • Acid-free and material-compatible

Contains 5 litres

Application: Spray motorbike, leave on for 5-10 minutes (no longer than 30 minutes) and then rinse thoroughly with water. Light to normal soiling: Spray the cleaner directly onto the dirt without pre-washing. For stubborn dirt, the cleaning effect can be supported with the help of a sponge. Extreme soiling: Rinse off coarse dirt with water, then apply the cleaner as described.

Ingredients: Less than 5% anionic surfactants, less than 5% phosphates.