Set: S100 Matt Wax + S100 The Cloth

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S100 Matt Wax Spray:
Maintains the original matt effect of the paintwork and cares for the paintwork at the same time.
Extremely long-lasting protection of the paintwork against environmental influences such as rain and UV radiation without changing the matt appearance of the paintwork. Allows water to roll off.
Easy to apply
Can also be used on matt films and is suitable for all matt helmets
Area of application: All matt motorbike surfaces, such as matt paint, matt films or matt motorbike helmets. Also suitable for matt carbon surfaces. Do not use on glossy paintwork.

Contents: 250 ml

Directions for use: Shake bottle before use. Spray product onto a soft lint-free cloth (or directly onto the surface) and spread evenly over the cleaned and dry surface. Allow to dry briefly. Polish with a fresh, soft and lint-free cloth. Finished!

S100 Premium Microfiber Cloth - the cloth
When it comes to giving your favourite motorbike a good care or polish, don't just take any "rag". Because that is exactly the job for the S100 microfibre cloth! This cloth is not only "soft to the touch" when it comes to paintwork and chrome. It simply feels good in use.
The S100 cloth also has a very high absorption capacity. And it doesn't matter whether it's water or polish. It is wonderfully suitable for stripping. Even wax residues are almost "absorbed", which prevents streaks, smears and other traces.

Use the S100 on both sides. With the double surface, the "big clean" is quickly done and you'll be sitting on a sparkling clean beauty again in no time!


  • extremely high absorption capacity of polish and wax residues
  • Extremely high water absorption, therefore also suitable for "degreasing".
  • rimless, cut with ultra sonic cut to avoid scratches, lint-free

Material: high, fluffy micro-pile, can be used on both sides
dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
Colour: grey