ST2 Turn System / Blinker Rückstellsystem

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  • ST2 Turn System cancels turn-signals acording to road rules and doesn't rely on simple timers
  • Significantly improves safety and comfort on long trips or in heavy city traffic
  • Recognizes every movement of motorcycle with advanced motion sensors and special algorithm
The Smart Turn System is an add-on device for the automatic cancellation of turn signal indicators after they are manually switched on for all motorcycles with a mechanical turn signal switch. Turn signal model, with the help of built-in sensors, the Smart Turn System measures key parameters of driving dynamics more than 300 times per second. This converts the data through a complex algorithm into useful information. By analyzing these data device accurately recognizes the maneuver and even more importantly, it recognizes the completion of the maneuver and turns off the indicator. The ST2 Turn System device is fully automated, which allows the rider a greater focus on other traffic situations and allows him to safely proceed and enjoy a greater driving experience. With the termination of false signaling after the maneuver, the ST2 Turn System increases the safety of the rider and another traffic participant.