Street Cuff Lock 8290 550 Mm

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Street Cuff Lock 8290550 mm

You want to make sure your motorcycle is safe and secure. Of course! So why not put your machine in handcuffs? Like the Master Lock 8290 *Street Cuff*. With security level 10. Each "handcuff" has a diameter of 76 mm and is made of laminated steel. It's almost impossible to cut open! So the Master Lock 8290 *Street Cuff* is perfect as an (additional) safeguard for motorcycles, scooters, bicycles or prams.

With the extremely strong chain (9 links) between the cuffs, the lock has an overall length of approximately 55 cm. That means you can easily bridge the gap between brake disc and header pipe (Caution: pipe may be very hot when you park your bike!). Place a cuff around both and your bike is secure. You can use *Street Cuffs* to lock your bike to a wall or floor anchor, steel fence post, another bike or numerous other round or rectangular objects with a suitable diameter.
The Master Lock 8290 *Street Cuff* folds up small enough to stow under your seat or in your tank bag or case. Or simply attach it to a belt loop on your biker trousers.

  • Innovative lock with handcuff design
  • 9 chain links
  • High security level
  • High-tech ABS coating
  • 4 keys
  • Security class 10
  • Dimensions

Cuff diam. 76 mm
Length: 550 mm
Width of shackles: 74 mm
Weight 1.45 kg