VISORCAT motorcycle helmet visor wiper/wash safety system - touring pack

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  • Complete wash/wipe motorcycle visor system plus refills for your next tour. Ideal for professional riders too.
  • Now you can keep your visor clean while you ride! Prevent dirt building up
  • Fits over your glove, with integral fluid reservoir, sponge and twin wipers
  • Tested and endorsed by leading experts for motorcycle safety
  • Clears flies in summer, dust, dirt, road spray, soot, rain, mud, road salt in winter. Perfect for commuting, touring and all-year-round riding.
As seen in RiDE magazine. Innovative, patented system. Visorcat is all you need to keep your motorcycle helmet visor clear of mud, flies, dust, dirty road spray, road salt, dust and anything else that lands on your visor - whatever the conditions, whatever the terrain, whatever the adventure. For the discerning touring motorcyclist, professional rider or commuter. Pack includes visor wash/wipe with sponge, 50ml Visorcat visor wash, 250ml refill visor wash, plus pack of three replacement sponges. Made in the UK. 2-year manufacturer's warranty.